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Tai Chi

shutterstock_470835110.jpgThere are many different Styles of Tai Chi Chuan. The first and foremost was created by Chang Song Feng called the Nei Chia Chuan. Then there is New Forest® Tai Chi created by Sifu Fey, then the other popular Styles are Chen Style, Sun Style ,Yang Style , Peking Style , Wu Style and many other off shoots and styles that have been played through out the years. Each of these styles has their own strengths and weaknesses with regards to maintaining your health as well as learning new movement skills.

I have played many styles of Tai Chi though I find myself playing Nei Chia Chuan and New Forest® Tai Chi primarily and it is what I will be teaching and drawing from in my classes. The picture above pretty much describes many of the benefits of Tai Chi that I have seen personally over the last 31 years of practice.

One of the things that we have lost in this culture of bigger, harder, faster (fill in the blank here) is that we have forgotten that we, bipedal, tofu metabolizing  humans rocketing around on this big mudball flying through space, learn best when we play, we relax more when we play, our body/minds solve problems better when we play, and we balance out our lives and are healthier when we relax and play. So first and foremost  Tai Chi is movement, with specific breath, imagery  and meditation that helps us balance our lives by playing.

This play has tremendous health benefits, you will learn to relax, banish stress, build strength, gain flexibility, and improve balance. Not only that but with increased energy, food tastes better, music becomes more enjoyable and your connection to the world around you deepens. No joke, no exaggeration I have seen it effect hundreds of people over the years. When they play they feel better than when they don’t. What more could you want from an exercise.


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