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New Forest® Paradigm


The New Forest® Paradigm was Created 30 years ago by Sifu Fey. Sifu Fey is the 12TH  generation successor and traditional practitioner.He is responsible for keeping alive and passing on over 2000 traditional art forms that have been kept alive in the Blue Dragon Lineage (Lamm Lung Pac) tradition for 700 years . While teaching brain injury patients at a hospital in California Sifu Fey wanted a more accessible paradigm that he could use to work with since the traditional arts were a little cumbersome in this therapeutic environment.

After a series of events unfolded it became clear to him that all of the different Internal Arts had far more in common than were different and he could see the similarities form in groups around common Internal Arts. For purposes here, New Forest Tai Chi®, and New Forest Qigong® were formed using very traditional movements, imagery and breath put together in a way that is extremely accessible. The New Forest ® Paradigm now forms the bedrock of therapeutic exercises that can be used for patients dealing with a wide range ailments. Not only that but it serves as a bridge between American language and symbols and the ancient Chinese offering a very accessible and  uniquely American experience without sacrificing and often enhancing the effect the different Arts have on the practitioners.

I was introduced to these New Forest® 30 years ago when it first came into existence and have been deep in the study of the paradigm logging well over 5000 hrs of study, practice and teaching of these arts. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has changed the fabric of my day to day life and I play in the New Forest every day. I play the Arts because it makes life more; relaxed, happier, more creative, more funny, and each moment is more engaging than without playing the Arts. So while you will also find me playing traditional forms The New Forest® Paradigm is where I play the most.

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