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Specialized online group classes

Workshops Currently Available

During this time of people working at home many companies are providing online group classses to take care of their employees while they work from home. If you have an interest in forming a group lesson for your workers or a group of friends let me know and I will get back with you to set up a time and a curriculum catered to your groups needs.

1 Minute Recharge Class:

This class is for Health care professionals and for groups of peole who deal with clients day in and day out. It is for the people doing the care giving wheather on the phone or in hospitals. The basic idea is that you learn a simple system that you can engage several times a day to mentaly check in with your body/mind so that you can clean the slate between patients. The workshop takes about an hour to set up and between patients 30 second to 1 minute to do. This quick exercise done several time through out the day increases mental clarity and resilience for challenging jobs.

Relaxation Workshop

Meditation teaches how to relax and shine some light ipon your whole body/mind. The class focuses on a progressive relaxation technique that takes about and hour.

Silk Weavers #1 Class

Silk weavers is an exercise that anyone can do it is a simple set of movements designed to smooth out the the way that a person interacts with themselves while encouraging balance throughout the body/mind.

Qigong Introduction Class

Qigong is the art of tuning your body/mind so that you can have an on going relationship with yourself as you move through the seasons of the year and the seasons of life with grace and mental agility. This workshop provides a framework and understanding of how you can look within, balance the seen and the unseen, and increase your moment to moment awareness of how you are engaging life. With movement, imagination and breathing you can gain axcess to side of yourself that encourages life to be happier, funnier and that gets more interesting with each passing year.

Self Defense Workshop

Self defense starts with awareness. This workshop details with exercises how to increase your awareness of your surroundings and yourself in your surroundings, not only that it also increases a conversation with yourself about your intuition and how to be more alert aware and relaxed. The workshop takes about two hours and will transform how you look at self defense and bio survival.


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