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New Forest® Yin Fu Ching Mode 5

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New Forest® Yin Fu Ching Mode 5

Yin Fu Ching Mode 5

Mode 5 is about sending and receiving each part of Yin Fu Ching. It can be done with a person, something in nature,  or something imagined.

The secret to Mode 5 is generosity. When you reach out towards life it enters you as well.

As Sifu Fey Says, “You have to give it to get it!”

I have many fond memories of playing Yin Fu Ching as a Call and Response exercise with another person also playing Yin Fu Ching. Each person taking turns. I also have great memories playing this in the woods towards a tree, or a valley. It shouldn’t surpise me now, though it still does, how much information, feelings, and awareness come back and are revealed while playing mode 5.

It is great fun.

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