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Yin Fu Ching Mode 4 by Sifu John Fey

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Yin Fu Ching Mode 4 Generates a sense of solidity and focus deep inside your body-mind. Each of the different approaches enables you to collect yourself inwardly and confidently and produce a sense of confidence a personal power. It profoundly organizes disorganized parts of yourself so you can become entrained with life’s rhythms. The Lower Tan Tien or 4 core was traditionally called “The Golden Elixer Fields of Rarefied Essence of Life” Cultivators saw these points in your body-mind as transcendental places to be entered and explored. As you explore these places, your life force becomes condensed and differentiated.
Each of the approaches stands alone or can be played in combination. How you play them is entirely up to you.
The First approach is small frame. In this approach, you make your movements small, while increasing the sense and feel of the action. You feel as if you are sculpting each and every motion.
The second approach is to play with deeper postures.
The third approach you can use any tool such as a Chur ( tai chi ruler) or a measured piece of wood, a sword, long staff or short staff, a paintbrush, or maybe even a stick using the tool focuses on extending your reach outside of yourself and promotes wise force. Wise force helps us move deeper into the rhythm of life.

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