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New Forest™ 5 Element Earth Qigong Set by Sifu John A. Fey.

Screenshot 2020-06-24 17.06.50New Forest™ 5 Element Fire Qigong
Playing this set helps form a specific frequency if Qi in the body-mind that matches the time of year and the Shape of Qi that occurs when the Fire element is flowing smoothly in the body-mind. In other words if you want to be in balance energetically with the season that begins June 21 and goes to August 31, this is the set for you.

A good time to play:
June 21-August 31
Playing 5 elemental qigong with the season is a great way to have your system sing in harmony with the time of the year. Increasing a clear state of mind, resiliency, and a sense of well being.

If you have psychological indications such as; Envy, Vanity, Muddle Headed, Forgetful, Frivolous, Lacking Compassion, Lacking Sympathy, Can’t Use Words Well, Can’t Communicate Well in General, Can’t Concentrate, Inability to Retreat from a Position, Can’t Focus, or Can’t Get Out of Your Own Mind. It may be a sign of imbalance in the Fire element which deals with the Heart/Small Intestine and the Pericardium/ San Jiao or Triple Burner Organ Systems.

Physical Indications, such as; Any Sleep Disturbance, Insomnia, Anxiousness, Sweating (Especially When Anxious), or Feeling Uncomfortable in your Environment, are signs that the Fire Element could be out of balance.

Be smart! Many of these indications could be from larger problems that need to be addressed by a doctor as well. If there is any doubt that you are not well, go see a doctor!!! This set is something to be used in conjunction with your regular medical treatments and medical advice.
Have fun!

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