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New Forest™ Yin Fu Ching Mode 2 by Sifu John A. Fey

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New Forest™ Yin Fu Ching is about harmonizing the seen with the unseen. Though that can have many different meanings. One of the concepts we are cultivating when we play YFC (Yin Fu Ching) is a state of authenticity, a balance between how you act and present yourself outwardly to what is going on inside of you, your thoughts, habits, and beliefs that drive your interaction with life.

According to Sifu Fey there are conditions present when authenticity is manifesting itself in your life.

Here is a Poem with info about Conditions of Authenticity By Sifu John A. Fey

How do you tend to your Soul?

Remember to take hold of yourself

and ask these questions:

Am I relaxed, poised, and equal to myself?

Can I feel the earth beneath my feet?

Am I drawing sustenance from my home?

Can I collect my strengths inside of me despite my weaknesses?

Am I able to extend my strengths refined into the world?

Can I feel my connection to my environs?

Am I able to touch nature, the heavens, and God?

Can I inspire the breath of spontaneity?

Am I able to enclose and expand the light of myself?


Can I allow my life to announce itself to me in its own way and on its own terms?

Mode 2 Moving Quickly, fast, Brisk, and Sprightly helps with the second of these conditions of Authenticity. Can I feel the earth my home beneath my feet? Can I feel my connection to the ground beneath me, the truth of my terrestrial reality on this mudball rocketing and spinning through space?  If you are having trouble feeling your feet and the connection to the planet there is trouble afoot. ( pun intended) You may be veering away from authenticity and just by doing two shoe activities and playing mode 2, it will reconnect you to the planet from which you live and back to you intrinsic nature. It will harmonize your experience of inner and outer.

You might think that moving fast isn’t meditative, however this is a short sighted view of meditative states. Being able to move quickly is part of the human experience, being able to connect to the ground and move in a relaxed and quick way is a reflection of your mind and the alacrity of qi that is part of a healthy organism.

Each movement in YFC Mode 2 should be done as quickly as is safe for you and your situation, and as if it it the first and last time you will move. Movement stillness and movement will help you refine this way of moving. It will build resilience in living life and build an inexhaustible connection with yourself.

Have fun With Mode 2 Yin Fu Ching!

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