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New Forest™ 5 Element Qigong Earth Set by Sifu John A. Fey

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New Forest™ Earth Set by Sifu John A. Fey
Here is the New Forest™ Earth Qigong Set.

This set helps form a specific frequency if Qi in the bodymind that matches the time of year and the Shape of Qi that occurs when the earth element is flowing smoothly in the bodymind.

March 3-20th
June 1-10th
Sept 1-21st
Dec 12-22

Blending your bodymind with the season is a great way to have your system sing in harmony with the time of the year, increasing a clear state of mind, resiliency and a sense of well being. This set can also be done if you are having stomach problems, (not serious, if serious go to a doctor).

If you have psychological indications such as; feeling, stubborn, weak, dependent, compulsive, clumsy, stuck, drained, out of touch, insincere, not open to ideas and suggestions, lofty, or head in the clouds.

Also physical indications; such as, Digestive problems, chronic abdominal distention, chronic abdominal pain, lack of appetite, diminished sense of taste, loose stool, poorly digested food in stool, too much flatulence, nausea, general exhaustion, chronic gastritis, indigestion, recovering from a major illness, weakness, endurance problems.

Be smart, many of these indications could be from larger problems that might need to be addressed by a doctor as well. This set is something to be used in conjunction with your normal medical treatments and medical advice.

If you have been watching the videos then you have a good idea of how to practice this set.

Have fun!


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