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New Forest™ Qigong Class 7

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New Forest™ Qigong Class #7

In This Video:

Introducing Yin Fu Ching As a Diagnostic Exercise: Which feels best? Which Feels Worst?

Learning Basic Qigong Stepping

Continuing Learning the 30 Exercises of New Forest Qigong the 1-5 Moving Exercises.

Taught By Teacher Beau Gustafson a Practitioner practicing since 1987 with over 5000 hours of training as a teacher /Practitioner of Qigong, Nei Chia Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Pa Kua, Lui Ho Pa Fa, Da Chang, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu by Master Sifu John A. Fey.

The New Forest™ Paradigm of Internal Health arts was created by Sifu John A Fey. In this series, we will be exploring New Forest™ Qigong a simple to do but highly sophisticated qigong that is steeped in many classical forms of Qigong.  Beau Gustafson has been playing and teaching this qigong for over 30 years and cultivating the tools in this very video each and every day. Whoever you are, whatever your skill level, these ideas build a language that can be used to dive into the deepest levels of Qigong play. What is Qigong? Our body/minds are like musical instruments that can be tuned. Where there is too much tension, it can be released; if there is not enough life force energy (Qi), it can be increased. Whatever you choose to do with your life Qigong helps you to be more in-tune with whatever it is that you are doing so that life gets happier, healthier, and more fun.” -Beau Gustafson Everything has Qi, trees, rocks, everything. Living things have more Qi. It moved along specific pathways in the body called Ching-lo meridians. They can be thought of as roadways in the body. If there is a traffic jam and the Qi is not flowing smoothly, you can feel weak, confused, vulnerable, tired, brittle, low energy, sleepy, dull, and unaware. If traffic is flowing well, you can feel secure, sharp, awake, protected, prepared, fortified, healthy, focused bright, and aware. Qigong has several attributes used in different combination movement, breath and imagination, and the magic ingredient a sense of play. The same way your mouth will water if someone starts talking about eating a juicy lemon, your imagination has real effects over your body-mind. These are the building blocks that, when played alone or in conjunction, can be a life long conversation that increases your ability to tune your body/mind. The Spirit of the Qigong: This is probably the most essential part of the activity, and given the nature of our fast-moving digital age, the act of playfulness without agenda is an integral part of Qigong. When you go to the gym, you work out, when you wanna do good on a test you study, when you want to play a concerto by Mozart you practice. If you wanna have Qigong do its magic, you enter with the spirit of playfulness for no other reason but to be playful and let your body/mind have the sense of play. It is simple, don’t just do something! Play!


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