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New Forest Guided Meditation

You can step into the New Forest anytime you wish. The most beautiful place you can imagine. A place where you can exist in cooperative harmony with life’s rhythms. Where your existence gets bigger, brighter,  funnier and more rewarding, where you operate from a place of abundance and joy.

A place where your life becomes love, and love is precisely what you create. As a consequence your authentic self emerges, the self that is newly born, that is the fresh , pure , the clear soul and it is  filled with potential, ushering in happiness, true security, and true freedom. The New forest is a  place where you can feel the rhythm of life or the heart beat of God.

Often obscured by the din of waking consciousness. Think of the new forest as an actual place, an invisible mystical world that coexists parallel to your own. You have but to step into it. Here is where you will find the rhythm of life. This new world has its own shape and geography. It’s own rules. It’s own facts of causation, and its own autonomous reality. It’s own medicine, herbs, and intelligence that awakens by the simple act of joining with the New Forest.  It will always meet you half way.

When we enter the New Forest there is a whole network of intelligence that comes alive just shimmering under the surface of things.

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