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Sit and Forget Meditation

Sit and Forget

So much emphasis is placed upon remembering. Memory courses, memory palaces, mnemonics we are always trying to remember something. We are always busting our own chops trying to remember all of the things we need to get by in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to give yourself the permission to forget? Especially now even for a few minutes to give your tired brain a rest.  In this meditation the directions are simple: You sit and forget.

It is called Tso Wang and the recipe is this:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit. It could be seated in a chair or seated on a cushion. Something that should be mentioned here is the meditative seat. Just like when riding a horse your “seat” is important and will in part define your experience. You want to be relaxed yet not limp. There should be a little load on the system, your back should be straight and not slouched. Part of you keeps the posture while the other part of you Sits and Forgets.

I like to set a timer or a listen piece of music that has a certain amount of time that reminds me when to stop without having to look at a clock. You can just forget about it while you are forgetting about it.

2. Then it is the ultimate New Yorker Meditation you just sit in your meditative seat and “Fagetaboutit”. Every time you catch yourself remembering something you remind yourself that you are forgetting. Be kind to yourself! Remind yourself with a smile on your face and in a smile in your heart.  This means everything (besides your Meditative seat) if you remember it you ask yourself to forget. Over and over and over again. By the time 20 minutes have passed you may have had to ask yourself to forget hundreds of times. That’s ok it is designed that way.  You are working a new muscle so be patient with yourself.  have I mentioned that it is a good idea to be kind to yourself?

3.When the timer goes off or the piece of music ends Slowly and calmly let gather yourself and bring the meditation to and end. If you have a meditative end routine such asin  Judging Breath Meditation you can plug it in .

4.  take some notes on the experience. What did it feel like? how did you do? What emotions came and went? Words are magic so writing notes has a way of getting the information you just revealed about yourself in deeper.

That’s it! The only thing you have to decide is how long you want to sit for. In the beginning 10-20 minutes a day is good. Later you may even want to sit for an hour or more. It is a fundamental meditation for a reason.

So find a good safe place with few distractions and “Sit and Forget”!

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