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Seated Meditation Class at Practice Works

84609423_10221379564377463_609729646287650816_oStarting on Tueday mornings on March 3rd from 6:30 am -7:20 am I will be teaching a seated meditation and mindfulness class at Practice Works. We will be doing several different guided meditations from the Chan tradition.  There will be cusions and chairs that you can use in class. You can sign up with Practice Works here.

Some Benefits of Meditation include:

  1. Reduced Rumination of troublesome thinking
  2. Stress Reduction
  3. A boost to your Working Memory
  4. Less Emotional Reactivity
  5. Increased clarity in thinking and perception
  6. Increased Immune Function
  7. Lowered blood pressure
  8. Lowered heart rate
  9. Increased awareness
  10. Increased attention and focus
  11. Lowered anxiety levels
  12. Experience of being calm and internally still
  13. Experience of feeling connected
  14. Enhanced Ability to Deal with Illness
  15. Facilitation of Recovery from Illness
  16. Decreased Depressive Symptoms
  17. Improved General Health
  18. Improved Academic success
  19. Resilience

We are having this class early in the morning for those folks that are working and struggle to find time in their busy schedules. The truth is that mornings are a great time for meditation for everyone. If you can get started before the momentum of your daily activities set in then you can more easily influence the rest of your day.


So come on out to Practice Works on Tuesday Morning starting March the 3rd from 6:30am to 7:30 am and start your own Seated Mindfulness routine.


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