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30 Second Qigong Routine


One of the programs I will be offering to groups of people who are care givers, whether it be; Doctors, Nurses, Anesthesiologists, EMT’s, Firemen and Women, Police Officers, Folks that handle the Crisis Center Calls, People who work with teens, Mothers caring for kids, Adult kids caring for parents, or anyone who deals with many people or many stressful situations throughout the day this is the qigong routine.

At first glance it may feel like throwing a thimble full of water on a forest fire. But listen, a habit of connecting with your deepest well of healing, many times throughout the day, yields great intensity over time. Doing a 30 second Qigong routine 5-10  or more times a day will increase your resiliency, increase your patience, and you will start to find that inexhaustible well of life force that moves around you, to help keep you awake, alert, aware and nourished by your daily activity. No joke! No exaggerated claims. I have seen it work. I have heard the story of the head of Anesthesiology talk about using this routine with patients, with other doctors on rotation, with himself. How in very intense situations where life and death are frequently on the line this helps build a calm resiliency.

Ok well, It takes about an hour to set up but after that it can be done quickly in 30 seconds.  The more you practice the deeper the experience can be. It is an activity that you cultivate like a garden. Day by day taking care of the soil, pulling up the weeds so you can be balanced an nourished by the activity.  I am not saying it is as  instant as a sedative, or anti depressant, what I am saying is that moment by moment almost imperceptibly your days have more balance and you will be better able to navigate the hard day to day task of dealing with stressful situations. It helps replenish the well.


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