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Meditation #1

This should be a staple of your meditation routine. It helps build your “attention muscles” and clarify your thinking.

Find your meditative seat. Instructions here.

Engage Natural Breath. Simply just watch the rhythm of your breathing without interfering with it. You are a passive observer watching yourself breathe.

The Heart of this Meditation:

You simply count your breaths from 1 to 10. Here’s how:

1. As you inhale, see the number ‘1’ in the center of your head. As you exhale, watch the number float down through the center of your body to a small pool that is roughly three and a half inches lower than your belly button, where it disappears. Note: this pool is deep inside your lower torso. On your next breath, imagine the next number in your head and watch it descend.

2. Rules of the Meditation.  Every time you are distracted — if you think about anything other than the number descending — say to yourself in the kindest way possible, “Thinking,” and on the next breath,  return to the number ‘1’.

This is the object of your contemplation.


To get out of the meditation. Instructions are here.

Note: The goal is to count to ten without being distracted however that is Not the point of the meditation. The point is to hone your ability to pay attention to the activity of watching your breath. Distractions are part of the practice!!! The key is to remember to bring yourself back. We are learning to notice when we are distracted and then lightly and happily bring yourself back to the activity. A common misconception it that you should have a quite mind. Nope, what you get to notice is the distractions what you get to practice is bringing your attention back to the object of your contemplation. In this case counting your breaths. This activity builds the muscle of attention. Be gentle with yourself practice this for 5-10 min a day at first. This meditation can be done for hours. But be gentle and don’t get frustrated with yourself. Over time you will find you gain skills in attention.  You will also find it spreading into the rest of your life as you are able to pay attention wherever you wish to place your attention.

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