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Welcome to TaoMatrix

For 30 years I have been wanting to teach Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation on a regular basis. TaoMatrix will be a company that serves a special niche in the integrative medicine community. In other words I will be teaching classes and workshops. I will also be booking private sessions to teach skills on a more one to one basis. I will also serve as a source for the medical systems in Birmingham to help people who would like to engage practices and movement  such as Meditation,Tai Ch and Qigong that help them foster a more productive healing approach for patients already going through treatment or about to start treatment.

I am also developing a qigong class for caregivers in the community. I have developed classes specifically for Doctors, Nurses, Hot Line Volunteers, Palliative Care Nurses and Doctors, as well as nurses and Doctors that have the highest rates of Compassion burn out because of their jobs are so demanding nature. It starts with a little over a 1 hr class that teaches a qigong that can be used between patients, to clear the mental decks so a pattern is formed to focus when you need to focus and to be able to relax in between patients. Fostering a long-term strategy for dealing with the day in and day out stress of caregivers.

I will also be leading classes for different businesses around town to help their staff relax with meditation programs, and Tai Chi and Qigong class to enhance the basic well-being or the people who keep their company running. There will be recipes and a comprehensive look at the simple things that we can do over and over that make life happier, healthier, and more funny every day.

We have a lot of exciting things starting to emerge.

Next week I am teaching at the Kirkland Clinic a Qigong class for the employees and I am teaching a Jan term class at Birmingham Southern on Qigong as well. Loads of exciting things going on, so check back as the site grows with tips and recipes to start you down a path to healthy living.

Please sigh up for my mailing list that will keep you informed of classes and workshops as well recipes and a just plain interesting stuff.


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