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Finding your meditative seat


Finding Your Meditative seat is the practice and application of seated meditation. Though the Mudra, or hand posture, can change this is the basic recipe for getting into a seated meditation routine. Holding the posture and keeping a light tension across the posture mirrors itself in how you should be holding your mind and the activity of the meditation.

Note:  This is the posture both physical and mental that should be held through your entire meditation.

Finding your Meditative Seat

  1. Sit upright, feeling a pull at the top of your head, let your chin tuck in slightly. Begin to circle to find your central point start with wide circles and when you have a sense of where your center is then begin circling to a still and central point. this should take anywhere from 10-20 breaths

  2. Turn head to left, back to center, and then right with breath. Inhale to center exhale to sides. The quality of movement should be as a glass bowl turning smoothly on velvet. In other words, smooth and even and relaxed. 10-20 breaths.

  3. twist your waist the same way as twisting neck smooth and easy don’t force it, the idea is to enhance relaxation. 10-20 breaths exhale to the sides inhale to center.

  4. rock forward and back to find the center. this is done slowly and is a small movement just to find your center. 2-5 breaths

  5. rock side to side to find the center. The same as above  to find your center. 2-5 breaths

  6. Three cleansing breaths: inhale through the nose ( if sinuses will allow) exhale through pursed lips. each inhale deeper than the last for a total of three.Then touch the tip of your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.

  7. Cross arms and then the arms move to whichever hand position or Mudra. For this purpose, arms outstretched backs of hands on or around the knees thumb gently touching middle finger.

  8. Stretch up and then let the body relax to a point three and a half inches below your belly button and inward.



How to end Meditation.

  1. Inhale and exhale through the mouth. Each inhale a little deeper than the last. Total three breaths.

  2. . Twist head and neck with breath as you did when you started

  3. stretch legs and rub them to get the blood moving again

  4. Then close Eyes and end the meditation, gently thanking yourself for doing something good for yourself.

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